Phoenix, AZ – November 25, 2020 – Dyzana Consulting, LLC has been awarded a cooperative pricing contract by 1GPA ( to provide cybersecurity products and services to its 1100+ members till November 19, 2025.

Under the cooperative pricing contract, Dyzana Consulting, LLC will be able to provide cybersecurity products and services capable of providing Consulting Advisory, Professional Services, and Managed Security Services through Dyzana Consulting, LLC based out of Phoenix, AZ.  Dyzana Consulting, LLC is a management consulting firm that provides services in cybersecurity, digital transformation, digital health services aside from its venture projects.

Dyzana Consulting, LLC provides local cybersecurity guidance and solutions for businesses worldwide. For more information, contact Luke Timpe at Dyzana Consulting, LLC ( at (623) 335-2126.

1GPA Contract Award Member Pricing

For 1GPA Members, special pricing for Cybersecurity Products and Services through cooperative pricing.

Contract Number: 21-02PV-02

Contract Title: Cybersecurity Products and Services (

Contractor Vendor: Dyzana Consulting, LLC (

Contract Expiration Date: November 19, 2025