Dyzana Consulting was born out of a need from Startup Ventures and Venture Capitalists to manage work efforts by lowering risk, bringing no-nonsense management and project management tactics to project endeavors through success.  This greatly has increased successful outcomes between VC’s and business evolutionary stages to move success forward. We have great success in enhancing vision and capabilities to any project ensuring their vision is bolder for the current markets.

We partner with a local VC company to Phoenix, AZ that has many successes in the international and domestic markets. These project span from Technology integration leveraging SAAS development, Project Management, Vision Expansion, and Leveraging emerging Technology. Dyzana Consulting has a unique approach to a lot of projects to ensure all are successful throughout the project. We like to look out for our family portfolio even after completion. Success Driven Solutions!

Dyzana Consulting President - Luke Timpe
Dyzana Consulting, LLC – President, Luke Timpe

Luke Timpe is a proven product solutions management professional that delivers projects beyond expectations for clients.  He has consulted on many small businesses, startups and entrepreneurial endeavors in the market place and has invested in ventures that he believes in while ensuring success to the projects.   Luke has created partnerships and working relationships with many freelancers, private entities and companies to formulate the team necessary for all the expertise needed for future projects.  His experience in Project Management comes from the Information Technology, Healthcare Technology, Financial Technology, DoD and Information Security industries in various roles to leverage experience and knowledge in the outcome of successful endeavors.   Luke has a very competitive nature and strives to push and challenge all efforts into becoming the greatest product that the emerges from the endeavor.  Luke can be reached through his website here or email directly: ltimpe@dyzanaconsulting.com


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